We know that most global problems cannot be solved with a computer.

The value of data decays over time and problems are constantly changing.

Understanding a problem is no longer enough to solve it.

So we changed the rules.


Experience Our Products

Fusion - Import unstructured information and generate computational data with our simple UI and powerful machine learning, natural language processing, and network analysis tools running in the background


Fission - Visualize your data as geospatial, network, and graphic representations.  Not a data scientist? No problem, Symkala Fision will look through your data to generate the most valuable analytics


Quantum - Test your findings - and your intervention - with AI powered simulation tools. Run it 10, 000 times in the blink of an eye to generate "big science" validation of your observations and strategy.

We design and build our software in the field - not in the lab - where its needed most.