We are experts in global problems. We just happen to make technology.



Mitchell Sipus

Mitchell Sipus, CEO, has over 15 years experience building technology platforms in war zones as CEO and Founder of Sutika-Sipus, a consultancy regularly cited in the media for innovations in Somalia and Afghanistan, including the data driven reconstruction of Mogadishu. As a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, Mitchell is the first Designer in history to assist the US National Security Council on complex problems and risk management. 

Geoffrey Morgan

Geoffrey Morgan, CTO, is a globally recognized research scientist in social and organizational modelling through his innovations in Network Science, ABM, NLP and Machine Learning with Big Data. His research is widely used in counterterrorism and investment banking. As a doctoral candidate at Carnegie Mellon University, Geoff advised the Department of Defense, Fortune 100 companies, and multiple Tier 1 research universities in using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to understand unstructured data. 

Davey Gibian

Davey Gibian, COO, sits at the intersection of business and technology. Davey started on Wall Street as a trader, later becoming an investor and banker. He founded and built an international data-analysis firm—Office:MG. He is an adviser to the U.S. Government and is regularly asked by enterprises to implement strategic initiatives. Davey most recently worked at Palantir Technologies as a deployment strategist specializing in GIS data. 



Will Milner

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Rachel Chang

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Lise Liezenga

Lise Liezenga, Director EMEA Operations (Europe, Middle East, Africa), brings over 10 years of experience in client and donor management, of which some 7 years in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan alone. She has a background in developing stabilisation and growth opportunities. She designed, coordinated, and managed sensitive, conflict-related projects centred on formal and informal justice, land reform, health, education, drinking water, gender mainstreaming, governance, social accountability and energy resources. Lise's great passion is to increase understanding between communities and to stimulate culturally appropriate development in fragile states for peaceful and fair progress worldwide. She has a masters degree in Islamic studies, has a thing for traditional Islamic and tribal justice structures, and uses both to assist with the rebuilding of war-torn countries. Her experience gives her a unique understanding of what end users require from data analysis tools, both from a capability and a usability perspective.

Ross Dakin

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